• Black Rooster Trivia is free to play! There is no registration fee.
  • Teams are limited to 7 players each. For tables larger than 7 people, you will be kindly asked to split into multiple teams (but you’re still welcome to sit together!)
  • The best team name wins a bonus point.
  • Particularly funny wrong answers may be awarded a 1/2 point if no team correctly answers that question.
  • Teams are encouraged to keep track of their scores. If teams believe that their scores have been added incorrectly, they should let J.J. know straight away, not at the end of the night.
  • If you’re in the bar but not playing, first you should consider joining us, and secondly, if you choose not to, please don’t shout out the answers, even if you think you know them.
  • No cell phones! If you’re using a cell phone to cheat at pub trivia,you will risk losing your points for that entire round. If you desperately need to take that work call or hit up that guy or gal on Tinder, just step aside for the round. Even if you’re not doing anything untoward, everyone else might think you are…

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