Theme Rounds – 8 points each

  • Archives: 8 questions about events that happened on this day in history.
  • Lower Canada: 8 questions about all things American.
  • Exhibition: 4-8 musical or audio questions.
  • Foreign & Commonwealth: 8 questions about the world.
  • Fleet Street: 8 questions about current events.

Better-Know-a Rounds – 5 points each

  • All & Sundry: 5 multiple choice questions on random topics.
  • Hodgepodge: 5 more multiple choice questions on more random topics.
    (for example, better know a city, country, movie, etc.)

Halftime Speed Round – 10 points

  • Post Haste: 60 seconds to list 10 answers to a single question.
    (for example, name the top 10 grossing films of all time.)

Halftime Picture Round – 8 points

  • Galleries: 8 image-based questions.

Numbers Round – points vary

  • Exchequer: 1 “closest-to” number question.
    (for example, how many votes did Obama receive in 2012.)
    Any team that gets the number exactly wins their best power round score as an added bonus. Otherwise, the closest team receives 5 bonus points, next-closest receives 4 bonus points, and so on.

Teams also nominate three “Power Rounds” that count for double points. Power Rounds must be nominated before the round is scored. Any of the 8-point rounds can be used as Power Rounds.


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