Champions League

The Black Rooster Trivia will be participating in the 2015 Trivia Champions League that will involve the best teams from The Black Rooster, Stetsons, Shaw’s Taven, Sign of the Whale, and Wonderland. Qualifying teams from other pubs can learn about the format of The Black Rooster Trivia here.

For visiting teams: Please note that the Black Rooster is a small bar and seating is at a premium. We highly recommend that teams arrive well ahead of schedule to secure a space, as only a limited number of tables are reserved specifically for trivia!


The Black Rooster Trivia will be qualifying four teams to the Champions League. Qualification places will be awarded based on these results:

  1. First-placed team from previous season
  2. Second-placed team from previous season
  3. First-placed team from preceding two months
  4. Second-placed team from preceding two months

If any team is unable to compete in the Champions League, the next-placed team will be invited to take their place. If any team qualifies based on both the previous season and preceding two months criteria, the next-placed team from the current season will be invited to compete.

For the Spring 2015 Champions League, teams qualifying from The Black Rooster will be:

  1. Naveed Petraeus (Winner, 2014)
  2. Charles Barkley & the Unicycles (Third Place, 2014)
  3. We Won Both Trivias (Current First Place, Jan-Feb 2015)
  4. Kirby Delauter (Current Second Place, Jan-Feb 2015)



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