Join us for Black Rooster Trivia with J.J. and Naveed every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Black Rooster Pub
1919 L Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

Teams are advised to arrive early as space quickly fills up. Tables can sometimes be difficult to obtain after 7pm.


New to Black Rooster Trivia?

toucanNever been to Black Rooster Trivia before? Well fear not, because we are super welcoming of new players and teams. Black Rooster Trivia does have plenty of regulars, but we are always happy to have new folks join us.

Feel free to read about our format, rules, and prizes. Plus, if you’re curious about what kinds of topics we have, check out our list of recent topics.

If you’re an individual without a team, but are still interested in playing, we’d still love to have you join us. E-mail us at blackroostertrivia@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help you find a team to join.



ozBlack Rooster Trivia is hosted by two expats from Her Majesty’s British Commonwealth – J.J., from Australia, and Naveed, from Canada. No responsibility is taken for misunderstandings due to accent, terminology, or other variations from the Queen’s English. All questions at Black Rooster Trivia are thoroughly original — none of that canned, syndicated trivia malarkey here.


Contact Us

Follow us on Twitter, @roostertrivia for updates and clues.

To join our mailing list or if you have a question, email us at blackroostertrivia@gmail.com.



This web site, the content published therein, and the views expressed do not represent The Black Rooster Pub.

The Black Rooster Pub is not responsible for any of the content of “Her Majesty’s Black Rooster Trivia by Royal Appointment, presented by J.J. and Naveed” nor any of the trivia-related goings-on (including, for example, terrible jokes delivered in exceedingly poor taste) at Black Rooster Trivia.

Thank you to The Black Rooster Pub for being a friend of pub trivia for many years!


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