July 26, 2017 Results

Congratulations to Sisiphys Spicer and His Minifridge Climbing Trump Tower on their victory this week. League points were awarded as follows:

  1. Biden-Trudeau Kingdom of North America (16 points)
  2. We Won Both Trivias (12 points)
  3. Red Lobster Beyscuits (4 points)

And a special mention to Rick Perry Discovers Bull Shit is Not an Energy Source for winning Best Team Name.

This week’s themes included:

Exchequer: DeLorean Motor Company
The Archives: Tahiti, Suez Canal, Hillary Clinton
All & Sundry: Tour de France
Lower Canada: U.S. Postal Service
Post-Haste: Stanley Kubrick Movies
Galleries: Aliens of Film and Television
Exhibition: Television News Themes
Foreign & Commonwealth: Champions League
Hodgepodge: Chocolate Milk
Fleet Street: Current Events


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