July 19, 2017 Results

Congratulations to McConnell Retreats Head Into His Shell on their victory this week. League points were awarded as follows:

  1. We Won Both Trivias (17 points)
  2. What’s Green and Smells Like Miss Piggy? (11 points)
  3. Joe Biden’s Ice Cream Dealers (7 points)

And a special mention to In Putin’s Russia, Fidget Spins You for winning Best Team Name.

This week’s themes included:

Exchequer: U.S. to Canada Immigration
The Archives: Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicola Sturgeon, Moscow Olympics
All & Sundry: Canopic Jars
Lower Canada: Trader Joe’s
Post-Haste: Wimbledon Champions
Galleries: Muppets
Exhibition: Swedish Artists
Foreign & Commonwealth: Sweden
Hodgepodge: Bands Under New Management
Fleet Street: Current Events


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